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Indian Institute of Petroleum
City Name: Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Founded in: 1960
Category of courses offered: PGRPE, PhD
Type: Institute

Indian Institute of Petroleum is located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand and introduced as one of the renowned associated laboratories of Council of Scientific and Industrial research (CSIR). The institute was established in the year 1959 via an act of parliament and began its functionality from New Delhi. Institue Francais du Petrole (IFP) also has immense importance for the development of this organization during the year 1960 to 1964.

Indian Institue of Petroleum has got certified by ISO 9001in 1998 and today it is playing massive role in the research and development of hydrocarbon and associated industry. The main motto of this institute is to become globally renowned R & D organization so that they could offer extremely innovative technologies for the national as well as International market place. Apart from this the Institue has wide infrastructure that has also a vital role in the functionality of this institute.

All the refineries can get technical assistance and consultancy on several refining operation and associated activities. The entire chemical analysis is done by state-of-the-art equipment and performance of petroleum is evaluated on standard engines. Evaluation of additives fuel, Lubricating oil, fuel saving additives and devices are done by field trials. Testing and evaluation of fuels and oils for emission type approval, rating of engine components and octane / cetane rating of gasoline/diesel fuel is offered. Along with that engine oil qualification certificates against BIS specifications is also provided by Indian Institute of Petroleum.

A small introduction on Indian Institute of Petroleum
The company has highly experienced and skilled professionals dedicated to make this institute as a global leader.
If you talk about the annual budget of this company then it is almost Rs 18 Crores.
The company is well-equipped by the entire R&D facilities along with pilot plants.
Indian Institute of Petroleum is recognized by several Indian Universities for conducting the research and Doctorate degree engineering products and chemical science.

Attainment of Indian Institute of Petroleum
Almost every refinery present in the country has technologies licensed through the institute.
The institute has trusted network for getting worldwide research and technical services contract.
A majority of technologies and processes are developed by the Institute.
The institute has developed Test-techniques for the purpose of evaluating petroleum products included in BIS specifications.
The Institue has got several respected awards for its excellence.
You can find majority of research paper that is published in national as well as International journal.
Several students have already got degree from this institute.

Basis of the mutually agreed terms and conditions, the technology is certified to industry either on one-time cost basis or royalty basis. Within the scope of the license of the IIP method granting the correct to use IIP’s ability, IIP ensures:

The provide of all the specified documents (Basic Engineering package)
• The full coaching of licensee’s personnel in IIP’s facilities
• All necessary help, if requested for the beginning of the licensee’s plant
• The speech act if requested of all future enhancements of the IIP Processes

Analytical Services offered by Indian Institute of Petroleum
The institute has expertise in providing analytical support to industry and these are the lists of analytical service offered by Indian Institute of Petroleum:

Small and elaborated assay of crude oil.
Hydrocarbon type analysis of various petroleum products.
Trace metal analysis of petroleum and associated products.
Effective Characterization of cokes, catalyst and pitches.
Complete Analysis of Bitumen and Bituminous material.
Detailed Elemental Analysis.
Effective Characterization of Lubricating oil and fuel.

Evaluation Services @ Indian Institute of Petroleum
By using state-of-art testing machines several petroleum products are evaluated here in this institute. Some of evaluation services are listed as follows:

Complete Assessment of lighting appliances and Domestic heating.
Efficient Field Assessment of lubricating oil.
Full Performance Assessment of industrial lubricants and grease by using tribological techniques.
Full Performance Assessment of fuel saving devices.
Complete Assessment of condensates and NGL.
Complete Assessment of fuel additives and lubricating oil including multi fractional additives.
Complete Assessment of fuel oil additives for burner choking tendency and combustion performance.
Complete Assessment of fire resistant characteristics by hydraulic fluids
Assessment of lubricity of Diesel
Assessment of bio degradability of lubricants

Technical Services offered by Indian Institute of Petroleum
Complete Trouble shooting of units of Refinery, Chemical industry and Petrochemicals.
Technical Consultancy.
Contract Research.
Market studies and Techno economic feasibility are also offered for hydrocarbon sector.

Indian Institute of Petroleum is a certified institute authorized by following:
The institute has Certification of engine oils for defence application
The institute has Category approval and certification of CNG vehicles convenient gensets and emission measurement devices.

Categories of Training Programme offered by Indian Institute of Petroleum
For GET or new entrants, Regular Training Programmes is offered by the Institute.
For senior management level professional, Advance Training Programmes is offered by the institute.
For Middle Management Level personnel Special Training Programmes is offered by the institutes.

Contact Details of Indian Institute of Petroleum, Phone Number, Notification for Indian Institute of Petroleum Dehradun admission 2015, Indian Institute of Petroleum Dehradun 2015 examination results, Indian Institute of Petroleum Dehradun exam date
Indian Institute of Petroleum
Contact Address: Indian Institute of Petroleum, P.O. IIP, Mohkampur, Dehradun, 248005, Uttarakhand, India
Phone Number: +91-0135 2525722, 2525743, 2660124
Contact Email:,,
Website Details:
We’ve mentioned the complete contact details of Indian Institute of Petroleum that will be helpful for you in case you’re looking for the same. You can resolve your enquiries if any by following the contact details mentioned above.


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