Places to Sightsee in Lansdowne

Undoubtedly, Lansdowne is close to nature and offers wonderful sightseeing experience but apart from natural beauty, tourists also get to see well-preserved British Heritage bungalows and churches. Views to Himalayas and Holy Ganges are simply mesmerizing here. Furthermore, when the sky is clear observing the sun rise and sun set is purely heart captivating. Low down here is the list of some beautiful places to sightsee in and around Lansdowne:-

St. Mary’s Church

This is an artistic church that was developed by AHB Hume in the year 1896. The building was not used after 1947 and now has been used to restore Garhwal Rifles Regimental Center. Photographs, audios and visuals of the regimental history of the pr-independence time are showcased for the interest of the tourists.

St. John’s Church

Situated at the mall road, this is a Roman Catholic Church. The area under Church was earlier a forest bungalow and on Nov 29th, 1980 it was reopened was the only church then in the Lansdowne for the devotees.

Regimental War Memorial

This is the Garhwali Rifles Regimental War Memorial that was divulged by Lord Rawlinson; Commandant in Chief of Indian Armed Forces on 11th November 1923. This monument is a prominent attraction of the place and is situated at the Parade Ground.

Garhwali Mess

This is one of the aged edifices of Lansdowne and dates back to the Victoria era. The building got constructed in the year 1988 which eventually became the mess in the year 1892. This Garhwali mess is a well-preserved and highly-maintained heritage site of Lansdowne.


This is one of the most attractive places for the tourists travelling t Lansdowne. It is situated at a ridge near the St Mary’s Church. To reach here one has to pass through the dense forest and terrains that terminates at the scenic beauty of captivating Himalayas. This place is also famous as the snow view point of Lansdowne.

Darban Singh Regimental Museum

Inaugurated in the year 1983 it’s a motivational hall that has earned its name after Darban Singh Negi. The rare collection of Garhwal Rifles from the time of inception can be found at the Regimental museum.

Bhulla Lake

In Garhwali, Bhulla denotes “Younger Brother”. The artificial lake is devoted to the young Garhwali which is the younger crowd of Garhwali rifles who are appointed to safeguard the locales here. Several artificial additions have been done to the place to beautify it as in Children Park, bamboo machan and fountains. Besides, boating and paddling facilities are also available at Bhulla Lake.


One of guarded secrets of Lansdowne, this place unfolds some of the most amazing and beautiful sights to Mother Nature and is a peaceful place. In order to reach to Hawagarh one has to trek through Khyber Pass along the road that leads to Jaiharikal

Bhim Pakora

This is an interesting place where you will find two big rocks placed one above other. The rocks maintain amazing balance in a way that even if the main point of rocks is moved they won’t topple. And the surprising fact is one can budge the rocks with the force of thumb too.