Kandoliya Temple

Kandoliya Temple is a beautiful temple situated amidst serene and dense forests which is 2kms away of city of Pauri. Kandoliya Devta is the residing deity of the temple. The temple is largely visited by the locals and visitors each year. It is believed that if wishes are truly made before the Kandoliya Devta then they come true.

Kondoliya Temple at Pauri- Where Wishes Come True

The temple is situated at a hill top at Pauri and is said to have protected Pauri since decades. The temple offers beautiful scenic views to Mother Nature and extensive Pauri town that encompass several temples, houses, local market, daily shops, restaurants and hotels. Area around Pauri unfolds glimpse of snow capped mountains and sprawling forests. The temple has a park nearby that is immensely surrounded by densely pine trees. Devotees prefer relaxing at the park after Devta Darshan. It is perfect place to sit back, enjoy, relax and explore the virgin beauty of nature. The park comprises of many slides for kids playing.

Kandoliyan is an ideal place for picnic and recreation spot and offers amazing serene ambience, away from the city clutter. Besides, scenic views of Gagwarsuin valley and Asian Highest Sports Ground are located at a short distance from Kandoliyan Temple.

How to Reach Kandoliyan Temple, Pauri

The temple is based at a distance of 2kms away from the Pauri city main bus stand. In order to reach the temple one can book ataxi or a cab. The nearest railway station and the nearest airport is Kotdwara railway station (108kms) and Jolly Grant Airport (129kms) respectively.