Hawaghar is a tourist destination located in Lansdowne in the state of Uttarakhand. Amid the backdrop of opulence of nature it is a perfect place to visit with the bells on. Hawaghar at a high altitude is an ideal destination promising feast for eyes on lush greenery and extensive Himalayan peaks.

If you are in full swing about Lansdowne and places nearby then it would duly comply with your expectations and won’t turn you down. Hawaghar offers pleasing and picturesque views to visitor's. With gushing winds, clear blue skies and unrivalled natural emerald settings right before your eyes, visit here is a treasure to cherish.

Many tourists arrive at Lansdowne on weekends and prefer spending lousy days in the surroundings of nature. Tourists can do little bit of trekking here to explore other places around it. The popular trekking route traverses here from Jaiharikhal to Khyber Pass.

Activities to do at Hawaghar Lansdowne

Those tourist who love to spend time at Hawaghar can do different activities here as in camping, trekking, picnicking and watching nature. Those who wish to stay here for more number of days should delve in to these activities or may go on exploring nearby places.

Places near Hawaghar Lansdowne

Lansdowne is a town full of travelling destinations. Apart from Hawaghar there are several other destinations that tourists must try exploring. Few of the prominently known places are:-
1. Garhwali Mess
2. The Regimental War Memorial of Garhwal Rifles
3. Bhulla Lake
4. Bhim Pakora
5. Darban Singh Museum

Hotels near Hawaghar Lansdowne

Travelers can find range of decent accommodation facilities around Hawaghar. Though these places are not located exactly at Hawaghar but at a short distance which is a vantage point as traveling all the way to the destination one would be able spend more time with amazing natural beauty there.

Few of the famous hotels near Hawaghar are:-

1. Fairy Dale 2. Blue Pine Resort
3. GVMN Tourist Bungalow
4. Retreat Anand
5. Lans Castle
6. Tourist Rest House

Travelling Guidance- How to Reach at Hawaghar Lansdowne

Hawaghar enthralls huge crowd every year which may it’s a famous destination. Tourist can arrive here via train, air and rail.

Tourists willing to travel via air can board the flight to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. Distance between Dehradun to Lansdowne is 148kms. Nearest Railway station is Kotdwar. Buses and taxis are easily accessible to Lansdowne outside the airport and railway station. Total distance from Delhi to Lansdowne is 275kms and total distance via road is 4 hrs 20 minutes. Boarding a sharing taxi would be beneficial in case if you are planning for cheap travel and have lot many destinations on the itinerary to visit.