Danda Nagraja Temple

Danda Nagaraj Temple is a popular religious destination in Pauri, Garhwal region around the Lansdowne area in the state of Uttarakhand. The place experiences huge influx of devotees around the places and far way from to devote their prayers and offering to Lord Krishnna who is the residing God here. The temple is 34kms away from Pauri and is located at the hill top. It is said that whosesoever visits this temple and devote their prayers with full faith; Lord Krishna fulfills all their wishes

Danda Nagraja Temple- A Must Visit Sacred Destination

Sitting on the lap of mountains, Danda Nagraja is a religious site that is worth exploring. The place is visited by pilgrims round the year and the main residing deity here is Lord Krishna. Behind the existence of this temple, there are many interesting stories attached and it is said that Lord Krishna came here for the first time in the form of snake. In that appearance he crawled up on the ridges to make it to the Hill top where the temple has been constructed.
Priests and the locals here still belief that Lord Krishna resides in this temples and if a devotee truly offers his prayers they are answered by the deity. On the 13th and 14th April of every month, there is a big fair that is being organized at the temple’s periphery and is famous as Danda Nagraja Fair.

To appease the deity, Jagegry (gur) is being offered as prasad. Once the darshan are completed, devotee should take a circle which is called parikrama around the temple. For tourists there are some stops by food joints where refreshment items are available.

Route to Danda Nagaraja Temple

Danda Nagraja Temple is situated at a mere distance of 34kms from the main Pauri city and is only 49kms fromk Devprayag. In order to reach here one can book a taxi or can take a bus. Buses are only available from Pauri. If you are planning your trip from Devprayag then only taxis are accessible here. Nearest railway station is Kotdwara (100 kms) and the Jolly Grant Airport is located at a distance of (131kms)