Bhim Pakora

Bhim Pakora is one of the important tourists’ destinations around Lansdowne that is not only known for its picturesque beauty but also because of the story attached to this place. Bhim Pakora is a sight of two large rocks that are placed one above other and maintain perfect balance. One above other these rocks can be moved by a single finger but never topples even if they are pushed by both the hands. Bhim Pakora is located at a distance of 2kms from the main Lansdowne.

Bhim Pakora attracts large number of tourists and offers captivating views of sprawling beauty of nature.

Bhim Pakora- A Startling Destination in Lansdowne

Bhim Pakora is a beautiful place that offers scenic views to extensive forests and snow laden peaks. It falls in the geographical periphery of Lansdowne and can be reached after covering 2kms trek downhill on a rough path. As per myths, it is sad that Pandava’s during the Mahabharata period stopped at this place for a night. One of the five brothers’s of Pandava’s, Bhim who was highly courageous and strong man placed one rock over the above in a manner that it never fells down. Since then the two rocks at Bhim Pakora are placed like that, unaffected by nature and humans.

Bhim Pakora attracts large number of tourists. Those who love trekking can reach here via small trek of 2kms.

How to Arrive at Bhim Pakora

Bhim Pakora is only 2kms away from Lansdowne. One can easily reach here via trek. The area is connected by roads and many vehicles run to and fro to Bhim Pakora.

• Nearest railway station- Kotdwara railway station (41kms)
• Nearest airport facility- Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (149kms)