Sightseeing Places in Chakarta

Chakarta offers numerous picturesque and captivating tourist sites and unfolds natural splendor, panoramic views of Himalayas and valleys that are besieging it. The place has extensive lush green ambience and doles out rare to find majestic views.

Chakarta Sightseeing

The place has range of torists spots that are worth exploring


Located at a distance of 16kms away from Chakarta, Deoban is a hilly area close to Chakrata and is based at an elevation of 2,200 mts to 3,035 mts above sea level. Deoban is a scenic spot that ensure magnificent and luring sights of charming Himalayan range which has been standing there since ages. Deoban encompasses lush green meadows atop the hilly areas with flanking dense and dark deodar forests and offers scenic views of varied flora and fauna. Also it is an ideal location for bird watching.


The destination nearby Chakarta comprises view of Ashoka Pillar Rock Edict that was built in the 450 B.C. and showcases the post-warfare era when the Reigning King Ashoka converted himself to Budhist. The edicts made here intend to boost the morale of his people back then. One of the edicts that are present here is made of quartz and is 10ft in length and 8ft in breadth. The spiritual site of the Kalsi is reserved by the National Archeological Department as these edicts have great historical importance.

Tiger Fall
This is the main sight of attraction here in Chakarta which is located at distance of 20kms away from Chakarat. It is the highest water fall in India, falling from a height of 312fts. The place offers wonderful sightseeing option to tourists here. The place is only at a 5km distance. To arrive at Tiger fall one has to undergo trekking through the rhododendron and oak trees. It is a perfect place for picnicking and photography. The water of the fall collects in the small pond that is used by travelers and others for bathing. The pond is known as Keraao Pachad or Kiarau Pachad. In all, Tiger waterfall is a must to visit destination that adds to your rejuvenating experience to Chakarta.

Chilmiri Neck

The place is famous for its natural beauty but that’s not all, it is also known for its association with Militant forces which increases its importance. It is 5kms away from Chakarta and is a peak point where mess and quarters of military people are located. The place is surrounded by scenic and extensive lush emerald settings of Mother Nature with numerous varieties of trees found here. Chilmiri Neck offers mesmerizing experience to the travelers as it has plenty of natural beauty; also it is an ideal spot for bird lovers. Also, this place offers breathtaking view to Rohini Peak, Swaragarohini peak and Bandarpoonch

Chinta Haran Mahdev Mandir

This is the temple of Lord Shiva and as the name depicts, the Chinta Haran Mahadev Mandir is known for absorbing all worries and tensions of devotees who visit here and offer their prayers to the residing deity. The temple is 10 minutes trekking distance from the main road. The idol of Lord Shiva place here is tall and naturally evolved Shivlinga that is worshipped by devotees from farther corners of the state and places near around.

Ram Tall Horticulture Garden (12kms)

Situated atop the hill, Ramtal Horticulture Garden is a beautiful place and a must to visit place. It has a beautiful natural pond that is worth exploring and many panoramic views and Apple orchards that make this place a perfect relaxing spot.


Situated at a mere distance of 28kms away from Chakarta, Kansar is a forest of Pine and Deodar. The place is surrounded by dense forest of Deodar forests and the trees here are said to have the longest trunks in Asia. It is indeed a wonderful place for adventure lovers.

Chakarta is a wonderful place that ought to be explored if you are planning for a visit to Uttarkhand. There are raneg of other beautiful places that can be explored as in Mundali, Moigad Fall, Kimona Waterfall, Budher Cave, Budher Forest. Tiuni, Jagatram, Kandhar and Thana Danda Park.

Must to do Activities in Chakarta

Hiking, Trekking and Village tours 1. Horse riding
2. Camping and sightseeing
3. River rafting and rapelling

Important fairs and festivas in Chakarta

January- Maroj
1. March- Aathon
2. April- Bisu ki Sanskriti
3. May- Khainda Sankrant
4. July- Paancho
5. August- Jaatra
6. September- Nurai
7. November- Diai


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